Restore Your Passion for Dentistry

We are the industry's premier Business Operations Specialists and will help guide you to more profit, less stress, and more financial stability - all while working less.

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Our Promise: If You Will, We Will

Our goal is to empower dentists to restore their passion. If you are committed to making  changes in the way you run your practice, we are committed to helping you achieve every goal you set for yourself. 

Increase Your Take-Home Pay

By implementing our proven systems in your practice, you will increase your take-home pay and financial stability. Our promise is to help you work less and make more.

Slash Your Overhead

Our proven systems are designed to streamline your business operations and slash your overhead to 50%. 

Focus on Dentistry

Our Efficient Systems pull you away from the spreadsheets and let you focus on your strengths, giving you the peace of mind, you're running a highly profitable operation.

Work Less, Take Home More

Most dental consultants focus on increasing production. Too often, these production increases are completely offset by consulting fees - meaning you've just worked more for no gain. Put simply, our goal is to put more of the money you've earned into YOUR pocket. Our Practice Efficiency Strategies are designed to ensure you are maximizing the profit from the business you already have.

"They Saved my Business"

I had mastered the art of getting patients into my practice, but at the expense of profit. In the first month of working with Midnight Oil, I took home more than the previous year's total.

- Dr. Brandon Hedgecock | Austin, TX

"Teaming with them has been truly lifechanging"

Prior to starting with Midnight Oil, I was completely disenchanted with dentistry and owning my own practice. I was prepared to sell my practice and find another career. Their initial injection gave me hope....then COVID hit. They helped carry me through the worst time in our nation's recent history. With their help, my practice survived, and is now thriving. I have not only renewed my love for dentistry, but am excited to own my practice and have all the confidence in the world moving toward the purchase of a second practice.  Teaming with them has truly been lifechanging!

- Dr. Brandon Pack | Bandera, TX

Restore Your Passion

Many of the dentists we meet are worried more about paying bills than fixing teeth. New equipment, employee bonuses, advertising bills are just the tip of the dental overhead iceberg. Constantly grinding for little return is a sure path to burnout. We will help restore your passion for dentistry by giving you the peace of mind your practice is highly profitable.

Regain Control of Your Practice

Join dentists across the country who are taking control of their practice by implementing the profit-maximizing systems from Midnight Oil Dental Solutions. Schedule a free consultation call with us and we will uncover 3 ways we can immediately optimize your practice in just one call.

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